Beloved CommunityThe COVID-19 emergency changes the way we do church–but not the substance of our faith.  The Community Church is a beloved community from all walks of life, including young and old, gay and straight, progressive and evangelical.  Together, we walk in the ways of compassion and justice, seeking God’s blessing for the gorgeous planet and her many beings.  What binds us to one another is the gospel of liberation, the grace of God that shines in every single life, and in every single culture and place.  Jesus surely embodies that gospel; but we see it shining in so many of the world’s spiritual, religious and ethical traditions.

This Spring, with so many others, we’ve canceled church services, events and in-person meetings–as we make the best choices we can for public health and safety.  Instead, we’re doing a good bit of on-line gathering (small groups, mission teams, advocacy groups), and we’re leaning into a Sunday morning on-line worship experience too!  We’ll take things day to day, and week to week.  But we trust that we will–soon enough–be together again: gathering for worship and song in our brightly lit meetinghouse, enjoying the chatter of friends and children, and breaking bread in communion with friends and seekers.

GET CONNECTED TO US with an ‘almost daily’ e-letter from Pastor Dave.

JOIN OUR MORNING PRAYERS everyday with Morning Lauds and Meditation from Community Church.

JOIN AN ON-LINE CONVERSATION.  We have two every Wednesday, one at 10 am, and another at 8 pm.  These are typically small group gatherings, for prayer and discussion around the pandemic experience and our Christian practice in the midst of it all.  You can find ZOOM links here–or do check in for help in getting connected with Dave Grishaw-Jones at

WORSHIP WITH US SUNDAYS beggining at 10 am.  We use ZOOM’s Webinar feature, and most services are simulcast on Facebook Live.  (You can find the ZOOM link here or by joining the e-letter list–above!)

SUNDAY SCHOOL often begins just after our Sunday service.  Be in touch with Director of Education Kristin Forselius at , and learn about connecting your family to the amazing community of families here!

The Community Church welcomes your curiosity, your passion, your questions and your interest!  If you’ve been around churches all your life, we imagine you’ll find a lot here that feels familiar, and a spirit that feels open and gracious.  If you’re new to Christianity, we look forward to sharing a loving, active and daring faith–one that’s shaped by the progressive values and traditions of our United Church of Christ.  We’re an Open & Affirming congregation–and we look forward to seeing you (on-line soon, and then in the flesh when the time’s right)!  Feel free to be in touch with Dave Grishaw-Jones at , with your questions and curiosity.  In this time of uncertainty, we hold you and your dear ones in our prayers, and we offer to you friendship and peace that fills us to kindness and solidarity.

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