Feeding the Hungry

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Families First Dinners: “ Family Counseling” We are happy to announce that CCD is once again supporting families in need. The first of a series of professional counseling to families “over an evening meal” will establish the essential building blocks for strong family ties. Parents and their children will experience the evening meal we provide supporting those family experiences. Thank you!

Community Church has selected the following dates for dinners to be delivered to Portsmouth Community Center ( Sep 17 – Oct 15 – Nov 12)

A sign-up Sheet has been prepared for September 17 and posted in Fellowship Hall. Please deliver to our CCD kitchen by 3PM.

Dover Friendly Kitchen: Please join the Justice and Witness team in October at The Dover Friendly Kitchen as we prepare and serve our friends a meal and share in hospitality.

Sign up sheet in Fellowship Hall.

Author: Heather Curran

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