Loving Through It All

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Love and Witness in a Dangerous Time: The Community Church engages in partnership and collaboration on many fronts: with immigrant solidarity networks, shelters for the unhoused, ecological advocacy organizations and national coaltions like the Poor People’s Campaign (a national call for moral revival).  During the COVID-19 emergency, we’re aware that our most vulnerable neighbors are particularly isolated.  And the cause of building a just society just gets more and more urgent for all.

Love & Justice Team: For this very reason, we’ve created a new “Love & Justice Team” to coordinate our support and solidarity.  Friends on the team remain in close contact with our ministry and advocacy partners.  And once a week, the church issues a church-wide e-bulletin offering ideas for letter-writing, donations, things we can do (even in isolation) to bridge the gaps and act boldly for justice and peace.

Check out our weekly “Love & Justice” bulletin here.

If you’re interested in joining this team, and in adding your energies to the care of our community and the witness of our church, be in touch with Dave Grishaw-Jones at .  The team meets every other week, by Zoom, and you’d be most welcome on the next call.

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