Thanksgiving Baskets for Local Families in Need

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During November, we will collect food for Thanksgiving Baskets to be shared with local families through Waysmeet and Cornucopia Food Pantry. Collection will take place on Sundays and also throughout the week outside the church office.
Items needed:
Potatoes (5lb bag)
Carrots (3 lb bag)
Onions (5lb bag)
Fresh fruit: oranges,apples, pineapples, etc.
Fresh veggies: green beans, corn, etc.
Eggs, milk, cheeses
Herbs & Spices
Flour, sugar, baking powder, extracts, etc.
Pancake mix & syrup
Muffin & corn bread mix
Cake, brownie, cookie mix
Basmati or other rice
Hot & cold cereal
Pasta & sauce mixes, macaroni & cheese
Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, tissues, etc.
Household products: soap, detergent, paper goods, etc.
Favorite recipes
Roasting pans
Homemade items (for a personal touch)
Please drop your contributions off at church on or by Nov. 19th so that baskets can be assembled and delivered (by Waysmeet UNH students) to families on Nov. 20th & 21st.
* If you choose to donate fresh items, please deliver them on Sunday, Nov. 19th by 11am.
Money or store gift certificates for food are always needed and gratefully accepted.
As we work to address hunger in our community, may we be bold and loving in our sharing.
Questions? Please call the church office: 868-1230.

Author: Audrey Drogseth

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