We are a healthy church today largely because of previous generations responding to their times and to the call of God, giving of their financial resources, their spiritual gifts, their precious time. Today, we are the ones who will build upon their legacy, through our increased, generous, faithful giving.

When you contribute to Community Church, whether weekly or occasionally, you are supporting the vital work, programming, staff and service-oriented outreach that are at the heart of who we are as a faith community. Our congregation does not receive outside financial resources, but depends on the generous contributions of members and friends. Your sustaining support of a weekly or monthly contribution makes possible all that we do. Thank you for your generosity and for your investment in the future!

Today we have options for giving that did not exist for our church founders. For those who feel comfortable doing so, we urge you to consider online giving. We have recently contracted with Vanco Payments so we can accept donations through credit cards or direct transfers from banks. Vanco is used by many churches throughout the country and we can assure you that this is a secure method of donating. There is no cost to you for using this service.

You can make one-time donations or set up recurring donations. If you choose to make a one-time donation, you may do so from our “Donate” web page. If you wish to set up recurring donations, you will want to either create your own “online profile” or you can fill in the Authorization Page and the office will be happy to set up your donation schedule. Please be assured that however you contribute, your donations will be recorded and you will receive Donation Statements that you may use for tax purposes. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Business Administrator, Dianne Thompson, 603-868-1230.

Funds: If you do wish to contribute electronically, below you will see a variety of fund categories that represent particular aspects of our work and ministry. We hope you will find meaningful ways to share your resources for this on-going work.

Stewardship – this is the general fund out of which the church operates. It takes about $1100 a day to provide weekly worship and music, educational, spiritual and service-oriented programs, paid staff, and of course to help keep the lights on. Your support in this category sustains these vital program, helps ensure quality staff, and assists in the daily upkeep of our lovely and highly-used building.

Strategic Growth – this is a special fund that accepts contributions that are used creatively to help expand our capacity to be timely and relevant, keeping up with necessary technologies, providing enhancements for the spaces in the church, increasing outreach into the community.

Building and Grounds – we celebrate the beauty of our historic building and the fact that every day of the week a variety of groups share our space. This fund ensures that the building is sound, that repairs can be made and that scheduled maintenance is completed in a timely fashion.

Education – our congregation takes seriously our call to be a church where “you do not check your brain at the door.” Opportunities abound for young and old to learn, grow, explore, through hands-on classroom activities, book group, series on contemporary issues. This fund helps maintain our commitment to being an intellectually stimulating community of faith.

Memorial Garden – nestled along Church Hill, overlooking Mill Pond, our Memorial Garden is a beautiful, peaceful, sacred space where members and friends are remembered. Plaques placed upon lovely granite stones mark the place where ashes are interred or where families which to memorialize their loved one buried elsewhere. Contributions provide for gardening needs, repair of bench, and general upkeep.


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