W e are a progressive United Church of Christ congregation, where all are welcome. Our history is rich, and dates back to the early colonial period as one of the many congregational churches that dotted the New England landscape. Over the centuries, as new challenges and opportunities arose, the congregation sought to engage with the times, while being committed to its Christian heritage.

Today, we celebrate the inclusive nature of the gospel and the call to welcome, love and serve others. We value a thinking faith that is grounded in both the rich traditions of our past, while being informed by the intellectual, political, and social dynamics of our times. Through worship, education, service to others,and responsible stewardship, we seek to model a community of hospitality that engages hearts, hands and minds in the pursuit of justice, peace and wholeness for all creation.

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Open and Affirming

Committed to the call of God as expressed in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and guided by our covenant, Community Church of Durham declares itself to be an Open and Affirming congregation. We embrace, affirm and celebrate the diversity of the human family. We welcome persons of every race, ethnicity, social and economic status, age, ability, gender identity and sexual orientation in our common purpose to discern and live according to the will of God. We honor human relationships that are based on love, responsibility, mutual respect, trust and fidelity. We believe that attitudes and acts of injustice, discrimination and violence work against the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we accept God’s call to work to overcome these attitudes in ourselves and others. We offer all sacraments and rites to all who enter our circle of faith, and extend all responsibilities and privileges to those who choose covenant membership. We are secure in the knowledge that God’s love is for everyone, and we invite all persons to join in the full life and ministry of this church.

Our Vision

In 2009 we created a strategic plan and adopted a vision for our community of faith.

Together we seek to be a community that is…

Grounded in Faith – To infuse everything we do with opportunities to explore and experience the Sacred and develop a deeper relationship with God that guides and sustains us in every part of our lives.

Filled With Compassion – To provide a friendly, welcoming and inclusive community where people know they are valued and cared for and where they experience forgiveness and affirmation from God and one another.

Inspired and Committed to Action in the Broader Community – Following in Jesus’ footsteps, we will actively reach out to prevent and ease suffering in the broader community and to heal and sustain the world that God has created.

Alive and Relevant in A Rapidly Changing World – To be a healthy, vibrant, sustainable community of faith that is deeply relevant in today’s world.

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